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It’s no secret that having a strong and effective email campaign can make or break a business. When you’re out to turn a profit, drive traffic and get buyers interested in what you have to offer, one of your best courses of action is to have an email campaign that can keep the interest in your product alive. That’s why it’s not only needed but crucial to make sure that your email campaign can encompass all kinds of buyers and products.

This video course is fantastic for both the newcomers and the seasoned writers as it’s easy to get lost or unsure when you’re starting out and it’s also far too easy to fall into a typical rhythm with little to no change if you’ve been in the industry for a while. This series is sure to cover a variety of topics that will get your brain moving from idea to idea, helping you map out a strategy for your campaign that will work best for you and your business.


With almost every video under five minutes long, this video course is easy to listen to or watch in those little moments in your busy day when you catch a break or have time to sit down. It also means that each video is straight to the point and isn’t ten minutes of filler information that isn’t necessary for your success.


Top Email Marketing Secrets Videos Breakdown:

Video #1 – Introduction – General introduction to the video course, breaking down the various topics that will be discussed in the series as well as how it can be useful information for your business. Length: 1:08 minutes

Video #2 – Styles – There are different styles when it come to email marketing, and this video covers the best way to figure out how to create a style around various aspects of both your niche and yourself. Length: 0:49 seconds

Video #3 – Frequency – How often should you email your list? This is a very popular question when it comes to email marketing and this video discusses the pros and cons of emailing your list at different frequencies.

Length: 1:55 minutes

Video #4 – Email Types – There are different ‘tones’ you can have in your emails. From pushy to natural and everything in between, it’s important to know the type of email you’re sending and how to apply the right tone to it. 

Length: 4:03 minutes

Video #5 – 3 Key Points – There are three major points you should include in your emails if you’re really out to make a profit and drive customers and traffic to your products. This video discusses those three key points and why they’re important to include. Length: 2:21 minutes

Video #6 – Different Approaches to Planning – Planning your campaign can take many different forms depending on what you’re promoting, how much time you have and the ability to plan ahead. This video covers the various approaches you can take for success. Length: 1:06 minutes

Video #7 – Look for Angles and Benefits – When promoting a product, it’s vital to look at all the various angles it can be seen from, as well as any hidden benefits that customers might not easily recognize. That’s where this informational video comes in handy. Length: 6:12 minutes

Video #8 – Sample Emails – For many people, seeing examples of what they’re learning is the easiest and best way to see how they should write their emails, making this video one of the most important in the series. 

Length: 4:50 minutes

Video #9 – Second Look at Emails – Making sure you look over your emails before they’re sent is very crucial to ensuring success and profits. This video covers why looking over your emails a second, or third, time can change the tone and really bring in the traffic. Length: 4:05 minutes

Video #10 – Conclusion – Bringing everything around full circle, this video gives a brief refresher on what the video course discussed, hitting the key vital points that will make your email marketing campaign a success. 

Length: 1:14 minutes

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