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There is no doubt that marketers can not ignore social media. Not only it where your potential customers hang out, it can an enormous traffic tap.

And of course, you also know the search engines are watching the social media channels and use your engagement as a ranking factor.

Social media is part of the new search engine optimization formula.

With the added benefit of giving marketers the opportunity to build a better relationship with their potential customers, it’s a channel we must use if we hope to build a business online.


MASTER CLASS OBJECTIVE: Learn advanced strategies to effectively profit from Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites

Social Media Marketing  Video Covers the following:

  • How to set up a Facebook account and fan page

  • How to set up a Twitter account and get followers.

  • How to use social media sites to effectively drive traffic to your sites

  • How to build anticipation and suspense through social media

  • Where to find other hot social media site.

Social Media Master Class Video58:15 minutes.

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