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As the number of users increased and the growth of Facebook boomed, so did the number of applications for Facebook. You could install apps, play games, chat and even share and upload photos to Facebook.

The business minded people began to see the potential in Facebook. They began looking into ways one can monetize or grow one’s business through the Facebook platform.


Now, with over 500 million users, Facebook’s potential for businesses to grow cannot be ignored. With the recent introduction of Facebook Advertising and Facebook pages, businesses can list their own official fan pages on Facebook to connect with their customers and grow their businesses.


Facebook Marketing Mania Ebook Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction To Facebook

Chapter 2: Basics Of Facebook Marketing

Chapter 3: Building Your Online Presence Using Fan Pages

Chapter 4: Getting Opt-Ins Using Facebook

Chapter 5: Viral Power

Chapter 6: Integrating Facebook With Other Websites

Chapter 7: Facebook Advertising

Chapter 8: Facebook Mistakes To Avoid

Wrapping Up


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